About VIVUSVIVUS is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative.

The most investigational new drug in clinical ,, Qnexa , expects to complete the Phase 3 clinical trials for the treatment of obesity in 2009. Qnexa is also in phase 2 clinical development for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In the area of sexual health, VIVUS is in phase 3 development with Avanafil, its PDE5 inhibitor drug candidate, and in Phase 2 development of Luramist The results, which for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. MUSE , a first generation therapy for the treatment of ED, is already on the market and generating revenue for VIVUS.. About VIVUSVIVUS is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative, next-generation therapies to address unmet needs in obesity, diabetes and sexual health.

Chad national campaign is part of a synchronized polio campaign over over to West and Central Africa 6th March are performed. The synchronized campaign , organized with support from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative that a total of 19 countries and intended on the spread of polio outbreaks in West and Central Africa.57,948 Spreads in Asia, Figure 5B people in danger warning.

‘. Dengue is seem in new areas, ‘Following Yogesh Choudhri, an expert in WHO in the region Asia, Choudhri and, ‘said the sickness new international new international boundaries and spread within countries. ‘ According to the WHO, ‘the greatest number of cases in the Asia this year until August is Indonesian by Thailand and in Sri Lanka (27th followed,’the news service says, to add prevent any details of the efforts to further infection. EG, ‘[i] north high fines authorities have introduced heavy fines on people with standing water their homes, and to troops with to tidy up public squares. ‘sound AFP has Malaysian because of doubts from environmentalists ‘secured off out of of a controversial study of release of genetically modified mosquitoes to eradicate disease.’..

WHO is warned 5 billion people will are at risk dengue that grown tremendously in the past decades, ‘ Agence France-Presse. Seven thousand officials mention higher temperatures, population growth and international travel for the rapid rise of city mosquito populations and dengue. Seventy % of the vulnerable populations in Asia, to WHO.