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Combining the decreased treatment margins of the AIM research with the automated radiation beam response of Dynamic Advantage Gating gets the potential to further reduce prostate radiation therapy side effects because the radiation beam will today be enabled or disabled automatically, based on objective movement threshold data, as opposed to manual intervention by the therapist. ‘A hallmark of the Calypso System is its capability to accurately focus on the tumor and protect adjacent healthy tissue by showing, in real-time for each moment of each patient treatment session, the degree and kind of organ motion present,’ said Lorraine Marshall Wright, chief advertising vice and officer president of Calypso Medical. ‘The automatic response to organ movement of Dynamic Edge Gating should give treating physicians the confidence to diminish treatment margins, as demonstrated in the AIM study, and ensure their patients experience the curative benefits of radiation therapy and fewer of the potential side effects.You might remember the old dark and white television plan called ‘The Little Rascals.’ I by no means caught too many episodes as it was before my time, nonetheless it could explain why buckwheat is usually my favourite of the ancient grains. It might also be for it’s other very useful applications of which I think I’ll reveal at another time. *Remember to notice that not all of these ancient grains are gluten free but those that are will advertisement a nice variety to the grains you can consume in addition to a new way to obtain vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Certain chemicals in the blood might indicate brain injury Researchers at Children’s Medical center of Pittsburgh have found that increased levels of certain proteins in the blood or spinal fluid may signal brain injury in infants with vomiting, fussiness and several other common symptoms.