In September 2008.

In September 2008, Ikaria acquired the North American rights to LUCASSIN, including responsibility for production, distribution, marketing, sales, customer service and post – market development. These rights will be transferred to Ikaria following marketing authorization.

Sunesis initiated the Phase 2 studies of SNS-595 in small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer in 2006 at the link activity as a single agent in second-line treatment setting to evaluate. Both clinical studies used a two-stage design, so that assessment of the clinical assessment of clinical activity to the next steps for the connection the evaluation in each tumor indication. All patients received a dose of 48 mg/m2 every three weeks, the maximum tolerated dose determined in Phase 1 studies. In line with previous findings SNS-595 was generally well tolerated.Using the international recognize for the improving the living conditions children and young people with disorders and injuries to the brain and the spinal cord, that Kennedy Krieger Institute at Baltimore, MD used more than 13,000 people every year of patient and outpatient clinics, building and community services and schools – based applications. Kennedy Krieger offers a broad range services for children with developmental delays issue mild to severe and is home to one a team of investigators, to developing to understand the disease contribution, while pioneers new interventions and earlier diagnosis..