LecTec indication merger agreement LecTec Company announced today that on.

LecTec is analyzing its estimated money remaining, after expenditures, at closing, any extra AxoGen money requirements and the worthiness to LecTec shareholders of an additional investment. In addition, on, may 31, 2011, LecTec bought from AxoGen a $2,000,000 subordinated guaranteed convertible promissory take note and certain current traders of AxoGen bought an aggregate of $500,000 of such notes. The notes bear curiosity at an annual price of 8 percent and also have a maturity time of June 30, 2013. The notes are guaranteed by AxoGen’s possessions and so are subordinated to the indebtedness due to AxoGen’s senior lenders.Many nonorganic yogurts make use of artificial sweeteners such as for example aspartame, which includes been attributed to mind tumors and neurological disease in laboratory pets, and sucralose, which includes been proven to kill beneficial gut microflora actually. Gleam strong correlation between noncaloric artificial sweeteners and weight problems. ‘What’s most egregious about our results,’ said Tag A. Kastel, codirector of the study group, ‘is the advertising employed by most of the largest agribusinesses selling processed foods masquerading as health meals, aimed at moms mainly, who are wishing to provide their kids an alternative, a far more healthy snack. In some full cases, they might aswell be serving their kids soda or a bag of chips with one glass of milk privately.’ Study group asks FDA to enforce legal description of ‘yogurt’ on item labeling Predicated on its recent results, Cornucopia filed a complaint with the meals and Medication Administration asking the company to investigate whether shop brands like Walmart’s Great Worth violate the legal regular of identity for items called ‘yogurt.’ ‘The reason why that Kraft must contact Velveeta® ‘processed cheese-food’ is that a few of the substances used, like vegetable essential oil, cannot legally maintain something marketed as ‘cheese,” Kastel described.