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The American Cancer Society will hold its historic advertising funding of less than two % of total revenues for this new effort. ‘s new campaign attend attend join join to to create the movement for a world with more birthdays good male libido . Visitors can explain the American Cancer Society , the official sponsor of their birthday, in cancer research via a Facebook application, visit a birthdays blog and e – cards to friends and family. The campaign will also a significant public relations component.

The brand revitalization effort a major national advertising campaign, which starts on April 21, on television programs, including Good Morning America , the Today show 20/20 , 60 Minutes, The View, CSI, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and cable channels, including USA Network, Discovery Health, Hallmark, HLN and SoapNet, in print publications such as O Better Homes & Gardens, the Oprah Magazine, Health, Family Circle, Cooking light, woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, prevention and Essence, and with a large online presence, including ads on WebMD, Federated Media blogs, Epicurious, and Evite.

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The Next FrontierThe field of minimally invasive spine surgery is prepared for rapid growth, predicts Dr. Some patients with spinal metastases is then candidates for minimally invasive interventions with bold aims as The corpectomy device, in which the surgeon removes which total vertebrae in front of the spinal canal to allow for the removal of a cancerous tumor. Deformity surgery about adjust heavy scoliosis and kyphosis or humpback whales, is also over the horizon. In the meantime, ‘In the future we will be larger studies on the comparison minimally invasive methods with open versions of for specific diseases and conditions spine need,’says Dr. Dawn data show that minimally invasive surgery findings are at least those those open procedure open procedures. ‘In the meantime, ‘he continued, ‘we to refine this techniques their benefits its advantages becoming more and more patient.

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