Scientific Sessionsfive renowned scientists are presenting cutting-edge researchDr.

To CD8 T cells prevent not an infection but prevent disease partly because they curb the spread of the virus from the lymph node to vital organs at very early stages of infection.

After being sick from many viruses, the body is immune from recurrence of the same disease. Therefore, before vaccines were developed, childhood diseases such as measles and mumps occurred only once in life. Immunity occurs when the immune system produces cells called lymphocytes and eliminate the virus and eliminate the virus-specific in the infection. Subsides, subsides, die most of the lymphocytes, but some remain in the body as memory lymphocytes, and the body from disease recurrence. Equally induces the production of vaccines memory lymphocytes in fact disease.. Were developedMemory’ T Cells Curb the spread of viruses in the entire bodyA scientific discovery by Fox Chase Cancer Center researchers helps explain how memory T cells to protect the body from viral diseases. The research in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online Early Edition was released, showing lymph nodes are not just organs where immune cells are present and multiply, but also the places where a great fight against the spread of an invading virus occurs.Scientific Sessionsfive renowned scientists are presenting cutting-edge researchDr. Shahin Rafii, co – producer, to the Ansary stem Cell Institute at Weill Cornell Medical College discuss the role of of the vascular tissue support stem and regeneration of organs. Ali Brivanlou, Harry and Harriet Heilbrunn Prof. At the Rockefeller University in developing innovative strategies in reprogramming mature cell into pluripotent stem discussing.

Wednesday, September 17, 00 up 04.30 clock:Public Policy session with a panels Forums – the generation and use out of human embryonic stem: What are the current state in the U.S., and where are we? Dr Chair: Robert Bazell, Chief Science and Health Correspondent, NBC News.