A specialty healthcare item distribution and marketing company.

We are thrilled to partner with Cobalis and represent this unique new approach to allergy care to doctors over the U.S. Marty Marion, Cobalis CEO stated: To a customer suffering from allergies, there is absolutely no more important or trusted factor than the information of their doctor. We are very pleased to announce this partnership with BESPHarma and prepare to start this major sales plan immediately. .. Cobalis, BESPHarma partner to start national distribution plan for PreHistin Allergy Protection Formula Cobalis Corp. BESPHarma, a specialty healthcare item distribution and marketing company, has a well-developed network of 20 approximately,000 physician’s offices over the U.S.The Commission has mobilized urgent relief assistance since the day after the earthquake quickly. We can do our utmost to continue to address the most pressing needs in Haiti, notably shelter, sanitation and health care. The Commission has mobilized yet another 90 million euros and I would like to make the very best of it. This is why I will travel to Haiti, to observe with my own eyes the situation over the national country, in particular outside Port au Prince, and additional strengthen our partnership with the Haitian authorities, the US and all our companions on the floor. Haitian people can depend on us.’ Commissioner Georgieva and High Representative Ashton will make a needs evaluation for the continuation of the European humanitarian work in the weeks to come. Immediate priorities, in addition to shelter, consist of sanitation, rubble removal, sanitation in camps and the continuation of medical assistance.

Cardiff study discovers proteins that protects pancreatic cells against alcoholic beverages effects A Cardiff University-led study has discovered that a protein provides security against the effects of alcohol in the pancreas.