If they post not implement name-based reporting of new HIV cases.

Only be Maryland Ryan White Funding Under Names-Based HIV lose notification obligationThe District of Columbia and Maryland could lose millions of dollars in Ryan White CARE Act funding, if they post not implement name-based reporting of new HIV cases, which Washington reports. Currently encode the district and Maryland patient information when collecting HIV statistics retain. After the post, the implementation of a name-based reporting system to decide by the year 2007, as $ 2.2 billion nationwide in funding distributed annually would be. Changing of the name-based reporting code base could for about three years, the Post reports (Washington Post, A subcommittee of the Maryland House Budget Committee approved on Tuesday a provision to change the state of name-based reporting would only will make it clear a law CARE Act funding to the number of new HIV cases reported under a name – based system that reports Baltimore Sun The subcommittee provision will now transfer the full state House Budget Committee for consideration (Bor, Baltimore Sun, The District City Council not to present a proposal to the name-based reporting system..

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