A doctoral student in anthropology.

###Sockol, a doctoral student in anthropology, has been pursuing his research for four years as part of of his dissertation. He led the research at UC Davis and at a private animal shelter and training facility in Northern California with colleagues Herman Pontzer of Washington University in St. Louis and David Raichlen of the University of Arizona. Sockol work in the July in the July 2006 issue of National Geographic.

, The other less used to walk upright to walk upright. .. The researchers found that the human foot consumes about 75 % less energy and burned 75 % fewer calories than four-legged and bipedal walking in chimpanzees. They also found that for some but not all the chimpanzees was on two legs no more expensive than knucklewalking. – We were prepared to find that all chimps more energy walking on two legs – but the result would not have been so interesting, Sockol said. a lot more to tell a lot more. For three chimps, bipedalism more expensive was, but for the other two chimps, this was not the case. A approximately the same energy walking on two legs than on four expended.The company is willing to an initiative in this spring, that a partnership with public partners to state legislation to promote training and certification of pharmacy techs in favor.

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