Also in global health news: Illegal drug trade in E.

Also in global health news: Illegal drug trade in E . Africa; Somalia humanitarian crisis; alcoholic beverages, IV drug use in Russia; HIV/AIDS in China; FBOs engage in HIV fight Illegal Drug Trade Turning East Africa Into Major Crime Center, U.N. Official Says In a speech to the U.N. Security Council Tuesday, Antonio Maria Costa, head of the U.N. Office on Crime and Drugs, said the unstable circumstance in Somalia is adding to the spread of unlawful drug trafficking and other illicit actions, turning East Africa right into a major center of crime, Reuters reports . ‘He told the UN protection council that the trade of west African cocaine for east African heroin was producing drugs a fresh kind of currency in the region,’ the Linked Press/Guardian writes .

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Also in global wellness news: Global corruption; HIV vaccine; smoking; DRC aid Global Corruption Combat Slowing, Report Says A fresh report from Transparency International says the fight corruption worldwide is definitely slowing as urgency to handle the global economic downturn recedes, Bloomberg reports. Virus Used TO MOVE HIV Vaccine Into Body may be Behind Failure, Study Suggests Preliminary results that suggested an increased risk for HIV contamination in a vaccine trial that was eventually halted in 2007, may have been caused by using the normal cool adenovirus to transmit the vaccine into the physical body, according to a report published Monday online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Associated Press/Wall Street Journal reports.