In cracks and crevices.

As a major part of the bugs spend most of their time hiding in protected areas (under sheets and mattresses, in cracks and crevices, deep inside carpets, Jones said it is highly unlikely that they be exposed to the insecticide fog of fog machines and even if. They do not come in contact with the fog, she added, many bed bug populations have varying degrees of resistance to insecticides, so they will most likely survive the application..

These foggers not in cracks and crevices where most bugs penetrate penetrate, so that most of them will survive, said Jones. When using this products, will bethe infection under control, you are be wasting your money, and you are delaying be an effective treatment of your attack. Bed bugs are the most difficult to control and expensive urban pests. It takes usually a professional to do it right. In addition, the ineffective use of these products lead to further resistance to insects.Innovator control Substance Abuse is a national program of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For additional information , please visit.

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