In research published in the Journal of the General Virology.

Ismic twist: people can Swine InfectThe strain of H1N1 influenza that is currently pandemic in humans has shown that infectious diseases of pigs and to spread rapidly in a trial pig population.In research published in the Journal of the General Virology, Thomas Vahlenkamp and a team of virologists from the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut in Greifswald – Insel Riems, Germany, published experimentally infected five pigs with the strain of swine flu, which is the current pandemic. Within four days the virus had three un – infected pigs with the infected and all pigs were housed spread showing clinical signs of swine flu.

Although the virus quickly spread to the non – infected pigs, it was not until five chickens housed together housed together with the pigs spread This may mean during virus from human to virus from human to pigs it can not pork. Happen chicken the experiments were carried out under strict containment conditions , prevent further transmission prevent further transmission of the virus from the infected pigs.Week of pregnancy, Thorp wrote – : It is really great that maternal gained in the treatment of arm is less by weight in pregnancy, seen few preterm birth and was less cases of eclampsia as the moms in the untreated group. Preeclampsia is a syndrome associated due to, a sudden surge the blood pressure a pregnant women after the 20 th Influenced week of pregnancy, can be fatal or can lead to a long-term. Mother and child both mother and child.. However, there were significantly less Kids in treatment group for abnormally large , high birth weight , shoulder damages during birth of experienced or cesarean .