Steve Shrubb.

Steve Shrubb, director of the Mental Health Network, said said: The NHS Confederation ‘s mental health network is pleased to be working with the National Mental Health Development Unit to the impressive work of the National Institute of Mental Health in England built to support the development and implementation of the key strands of. Mental health policy .

Dr Ian McPherson, Director of the National Mental Health Development Unit said ‘I am privileged to lead the new unit. I recognize that some people may be concerned that the National Institute for Mental Health is ending, the national mental health could be reduced. I am determined that will not happen. I look forward to working with the former National Institute for Mental Health colleagues as new regional arrangements to mental health services delivered in a manner more to the post – National Service Framework era ‘.Lawmakers are invited to learn more about to school plans to expand the medical student the body 30 %, to debate, like that regional locations are making more local doctors during the on-site research on health issues, and some of practical exercises on to different virtual Academics learn to newsstands to be set at the State House.

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