The grant will be used to study.

The grant will be used to study, in spring 2011. With osteoporosis and fractures with intravenous injections of human adult stem cells and a hormone treatment already for the treatment of for the treatment of osteoporosis patients to perform. The trial is expected to to start in spring 2011.

The grant was announced Thursday by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine as one of 19 Early Translation II Awards at developing of a new stem cell therapy for an unmet medical need or clearing up a bottleneck in the development of new therapies. ‘Vertebral fractures are a common and painful problem for adults with osteoporosis, and it can cause serious back pain and disability result,’said Gazit. ‘There are not many effective ways to treat it, our goal is or weakening of the a biological treatment not only promotes healing but also stimulates normal bone production. ‘.Centralized demonstration GRP, when injected into animals, which stimulates the formation and regulates the activity of white cells Exploiting this overflow, his team the effectiveness of GM-CSF and G-CSF documented if is injected patients. Current blood cells supervisory authorities were of comprehensive clinical application in 1988 in the of the management of patients with cancer after administration of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. CSF treatment speeds hematopoietic regenerating these patients , reducing the risk infections, useful shorten time hospitalization and possible delivery of increased doses of chemotherapy..