The spindle center zone plays ed help.

The spindle center zone plays , not only, not only to adjust the metaphase chromosomes, but also in the final stages of cell division, when it drives the physical separation of the two daughter cells. But between these two stages , the two ends of the spindle must move away from each other the the half of the genetic material on each side of the dividing cell ed help . At this point, if PRC1 and kinesin-4 had stopped microtubule permanently permanently in the central part of the spindle, the overlap would become smaller, until finally the spindle itself would collapse, jeopardizing cell division. But Surrey and colleagues found that PRC1 and kinesin-4 control the overlap size in an adaptive manner. As the spindle stretches and the overlap between microtubules becomes smaller, the scientists posit decreased, the inhibitory effect of kinesin-4, so that the growing microtubule ends. Our findings show millionths of millionths of a millimeter in size, the size of a structure about a thousand times larger than they themselves control, Surrey concludes: It helps us to understand the basics of cell division.

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