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Speaking in Mexico, Obama said he was comfortable with the FDA’s decision because, after all, it was predicated on ‘solid scientific proof’ – as though that has anything to do with anything. Co-opting our languageIt’s unclear whether the FDA will look for an injunction against Korman’s ruling, nonetheless it is an option under consideration by the Section of Justice, Reuters reported. Either way, there are underlying problems here the mainstream media – which is pleased to cover a tale allowing kids to get abortifacients but which largely ignores the horrors dedicated by abortionist Kermit Gosnell over a 30-yr period in Philadelphia – is completely ignoring: Gee, kids, how about you try to just wait to have sexual intercourse? So very much for parents attempting to educate their kids on the pitfalls and risks of sexual intercourse – the mental and emotional damage and emotions of regret girls often suffer later in life for having abortions; the risk of contracting an incurable disease ; the physical risks of acquiring an abortifacients; and so on.The meltdown, explosion and fire at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, On April 26 Ukraine, 1986 was, at the time, the most severe civilian nuclear disaster the world had ever noticed . The disaster broadly contaminated the surrounding area with radiation, leading the Soviet federal government to evacuate a three-kilometer area around the energy plant permanently. The unwanted effects of the ongoing radioactivity in the region have already been well documented, including adjustments by the bucket load, distribution, life history and mutation rates of several species.