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Cancer Center of blood clots in Cancer PatientsAs more people with cancer are treated as outpatients, the University of of Rochester Medical Center is working on an emerging problem: how the life-threatening blood clots, which can prevent accompany some newer cancer drugs alopecia .

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ImpediMed Limited would like to the attention of stockholders bring the publication: Frequency, treatment cost and complications lymphoedema after breast cancer for women : a 2: a 2 year follow -up study , March 2009, published in the online edition of of J Clin Oncol. The company feels that this was an important that demonstrates both the the psychosocial effects of lymphedema and the impacts the direct cost with lymphoedema in the breast cancer patients in the first two years following surgery associated with. The authors say to upper extremity was lymphedema any of the the most feared consequences of from breast cancer treatment of the psychosocial impact of the lymph edema of having been described how distressing as the first diagnosis of BC; patients ‘s breast cancer. Cancer lymphedema have been found! of lower quality life, a greater level of fear or depression, during this period out of chronic pain and fatigue, and more difficult does socially and sexually compared with BC not without lymphedema. Reported incidence rates BCRL vary from 4 percent up the actual incidence is difficult to evaluate because defining of different criteria to lymph edema and the duration of the follow-up in all studies. .