According to a study published on Monday in the Annals of Internal medicine.

Although most of the claims a number of factors involved, the study finds the most involved physician error. According to the study:.. Follow-up; in many medical malpractice claims finds studyPhysician errors are a factor in about 60 percent of medical malpractice claims that involved patients because because of missed or delayed diagnoses, according to a study published on Monday in the Annals of Internal medicine, the AP / Long Iceland Newsday reports.

Tejal Gandhi, lead author of the study and director of patient safety at Brigham and Women that the use of electronic patient records, improved algorithms for patient evaluations and using nurse practitioners to ensure patients receive appropriate follow-up could help increase the number of medical errors. We think it could be tools to help physicians make these decisions to be better, said Gandhi. Steven Sorscher, an oncologist at Washington University Medical School in St. Saying. It seemed the the the problems the problems problems that would occur less if a person was compulsive or compulsive or very diligent simple He underscores the fact, J causes of serious errors are often preventable (Walters, AP / Newsday Long Iceland, u003c/ bru003e The study is available online..Was Customized use of prescription opioid four times the risen since the mid-1990s, in part due the increased awareness pain therapy in chronic conditions like back pain and fibromyalgia mandate mandate that the hospital assess patients’ pain than one ‘sign of life ‘along with its blood pressure and temperatures. For the same period, however, the number of people with these medications a party drug, hooked to to them, and to die out of of overdose also shoot. Today, almost three quarters of the fatal overdoses in the United States based to prescription medications – wide outnumber deaths from cocaine and heroin combined, and many exceeding automobile accidents as the supreme cause of avoidable death.

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