Americans agree: Sugar.

Americans agree: Sugar, alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot If politicians and police are so eager to protect Americans from themselves, they should break in and raid people’s homes, taking their boxes of sugar cookies, sugar sugar and cereals jars instead, because, frankly, sugars is more dangerous and addictive than pot method. The American majority now agrees with this simple fact and is beginning to see right through the facade declaring that marijuana is definitely a ‘dangerous gateway drug panis attack .’ Poll implies that Americans now agree that sugar, alcoholic beverages and tobacco are more threatening than potAmericans concur that tobacco and alcoholic beverages are more threatening than pot also.

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American women could be even more stressed than men What’s the recipe for a stress-filled existence? According to new study, being young, a woman, having a minimal education level and/or having low income represent the most stressed individuals in the United States. A new study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in the June 2012 issue, marks the 1st time scientists have been able to track the known degree of stress across the U.S. Over time. Self-reported stress levels increased between 10 and thirty % over all demographic categories between 1983 and 2009.