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20 percent decline show drop in births, lower demand for infertility services in the recessionMore people in the Atlanta area and in the U.S. Delaying pregnancy in a possible response to the current economic crisis, which treatments to a decrease in the number of couples, the infertility, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. According to the Journal-Constitution, 13 states saw a decline in the number of recorded births in 2008 compared with 2007. The Georgia Hospital Association reports that it. 5,352 fewer births registered in Georgia in 2008 than in 2007 Mark Perloe of Georgia Reproductive Specialists said there was a 20 percent decrease in the number of people that infertility services. To keep business processes during the economic downturn, Georgia Reproductive Specialists Perloe said offers a discount on selected services by as much as 70 percent. – Elisabeth Burgess, a Georgia State University professor of sociology families families, said: In times of economic downturn, Different people react in different ways. For some people, [f] amily is becoming increasingly important, so you might have a child. The Journal-Constitution reported that one cycle of treatment, $ 15,000 or more, cost what some people pay for through loans, retirement or home equity loans. Evelina Sterling, co-author of a book on budgeting finances for infertility treatments that 70 percent of infertility patients, the cost of the treatments completely to cover out of pocket. You some older some older infertility patients the economy can not wait to recover, to start a family.

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