The family in the United States legally in 1999

The family in the United States legally in 1999, and applied for asylum in 2002 after his father expired business visa . The appellate court ruling gives them the possibility of deportation to Indonesia, where their eldest daughter underwent forced genital mutilation when she was five days old challenge. The family has said that a younger daughter ritual mutilation would face if they are deported and that keeping her from deportation would be meaningless if the rest of the family were deported. Family, after decision, criticized the court immigration judge who ordered the family, after citing a State Department report that said kind kind of female genital mutilation in Indonesia be deported ‘contains a minimum short-term pain, suffering and complications. ‘The State Department report to the type of female genital mutilation in Indonesia with the way in Ethiopia, where the genitalia are cut with a knife and recovery practices lasts 40 days. Immigration officials decided that the Indonesian girl pursued pursued, and that neither she nor her family to seek asylum in the United States with the title.

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