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This latest contract with Bristol-Myers-Squibb follows the company’s selection of ICON to provide global support for Bristol-Myers-Squibb’s clinical development pipeline, that was announced in June 2010. Related StoriesMedicines usually do not degrade after being stored in space, shows studyUniversity of Leicester awarded BBSRC grant to explore three key areas that impact human being healthUsing smartphone to identify diabetes marker in salivaUnder the preferred provider contract for early phase development, ICON provides a broad range of scientific pharmacology and exploratory scientific trial services including research conduct in ICON’s Clinical Pharmacology Models, located in San Antonio, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; and Manchester, UK. ICON will also provide all helping scientific services such as protocol design and development, project management, scientific monitoring, medical monitoring / pharmacovigilence, data administration, biostatistics, pharmacokinetics and medical composing.ASR can be used in a number of countries commonly, said Dr. Scaranelo. ‘The results of our research emphasize the need for cautious editing of reports generated with ASR. They also show a strong dependence on standardized templates and use of structured reports, for breast MRI especially,’ she said.. Arthritis medication Etanercept clears up symptoms of psoriasis New research from america has discovered that a drug commonly utilized to take care of arthritis significantly reduces the symptoms of psoriasis in children. Psoriasis can be a distressing chronic inflammatory disease which occurs when the immune system causes pores and skin cells to grow at an accelerated price. It is itchy characterized by painful and, reddish colored, scaly patches which disfigure the scalp, face, arms, legs, genitals and feet.