Cholesterol along with triglycerides and other lipids.

Cholesterol along with triglycerides and other lipids , is an essential structural component in mammalian cells and it also helps the production of important substances such as vitamins, hormones and digestive acids. However, too much cholesterol in atherosclerosis, cause an accumulation of plaque in the arteries. Types of cholesterol types of cholesterol, the so-called bad or low-density lipoprotein – type, which in in plaque formation and increases risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, and the so – called good or – High-density lipoprotein – type, which is believed to a simple surface treatment technique through a collaboration between researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology , Penn State and the University of Kentucky, potentially offers an inexpensive way for mass production of large arrays of organic electronic transistors on polymer films for a variety of applications, including flexible displays, intelligent paper and flexible sheets of biosensor arrays for field diagnostics..

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