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Alarmingly, they saw cardiovascular systems which looked similar to they belonged to middle-aged 45 yr olds. Details of Research Using ultrasound imaging, the study team measured the thickness of the inner wall space of carotid arteries which bring blood to the mind. Higher carotid artery intima-media thickness is a sign of plaque or fatty deposit buildup in important arteries which lead to the center and the brain. This restricts blood flow and may cause heart and stroke attacks. The young children and teenagers mixed up in study were aged 6 to 19, with the average age group at 13 and almost all from 10 to 18. Their CIMT measurements were then in comparison to adult plaque levels.Kodi Azari, medical director of UCLA’s hands transplantation program. She actually is making the psychological transition from phoning it ‘the’ hand to ‘my’ hands, Azari said in the statement. From a surgical standpoint, we achieved a good connection of the nerves and arteries, and the stability between the palm and back-of-the-hand tendons appears to be pristine. Fennell will have to take antirejection medications for the others of her lifestyle – or her body’s immune system could reject the new hand.