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Existing practice surrounding many cardiovascular medications, including anti-hypertensive and lipid-lowering drugs, based on the evaluation of response to therapy. In cases where ideal therapeutic targets are not met in detail, there is evidence of the need for standard treatment to intensify achieve reach as to better control of cardiovascular risk factor under treatment , since this leads to a better outcome. For more information, please visit:H.If you One interested listen at conference live via the Internet, can do so through visiting the website of the Company on a phone replay of the conference will be accessible for approximately 14 days after completion of the by calling 800-889-9139. Record be well in MannKind site for 14 days.. A Complete Response letter from exhibited from FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research when checking the file is complete and issues remain that contrary the permission of the NDA as it stands. Man child will be a teleconference at 09:00 CDT clock Host March 16, 2010 the in the live voice by telephone, please dial 888-955-8944 or 800-369-1120 and then use the participant passcode MannKind.

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