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Patients who had a complete physical examination , were more than three times higher than those who on some type of on some type of cancer Colon screenings contain fecal occult blood testing, prostate specific antigenopy and barium enema.. Fenton and colleagues focused their study on patients aged 52 to 78 years old who are eligible for breast, colorectal and prostate cancer screening in the 2002 and 2003 by group Health Cooperative were group Health is a large, active group health plan in Seattle Those who had a preventive health exam or general physical during the two-year period and who has not done so:. Researchers then the patient sorted into two. Finally, the researchers cancer screening compared prices between the two groups.require Learn more male to the benefits which screening methods such these cancers take place early stage where the results of treatment are more favorable, said State Health Officer of Dr. Donald Williamson. In the blood. Through about screening top aged 50, 40 years ago for African-Americans, and if. A powerful family history of the sickness – Dr. Thomas Moody, president of urological Centers of Alabama, said: There are no noticeable symptoms for prostate cancer while it was still at an early stage , so screening is very important to we keep work with interested are will.