The researchers analyzed data from 23.

Comparing with the diets lowest and highest nutrient for everyone, they found that higher consumption of folate and vitamin B-6 with significantly fewer deaths were connected for heart failure in men, and significantly fewer deaths from stroke, heart disease and total cardiovascular disease in women. Vitamin B-12 uptake was a reduced a decreased risk of mortality.. The researchers analyzed data from 23,119 men and 35,611 women , the food frequency questionnaires completed as part of the Japan Collaborative Cohort big Study.

The protective effect of folic acid and vitamin B-6 does not change when the researchers adjusted for the presence of cardiovascular risk factors, even if they complement so users from the analysis.Information about ADHD prevalence at the EU countries are scarce. Systematically prevalence study has not yet been executed. Until very recently, would be a majority of with ADHD do not diagnose because of a lack of recognition of the disorder and the lack of of the treatment know how. Controlled long term trials the effects out of ADHD therapy the prognosis of drug is even still missing. ICASA increased knowledge and awareness about the topic ADHS and SUD.