The training is on the development of good behavior with the EEG-based brain as a measure.

Siegfried Othmer and Susan F. Is the founder of the EEG Institute and have been involved with neurofeedback since 1985. The initial idea was the brain-training of her son Brian for his seizure disorder. The training has been changing lives for her son, the professional life, diverted to the further development of neurofeedback as well as the promotion of public acceptance. Othmer is currently Chief Scientist of the EEG Institute and President of the Brian Othmer Foundation. Susan Othmer is the Medical Director at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills in Woodland Hills . The Othmer done pioneering work, a number of novel applications of of neurofeedback over the years. The Othmer provide professional training in EEG biofeedback and sponsor a professional network of Neurofeedback therapists, the EEG Associates.

As a result of the EEG Institute is doing in Woodland Hills, California, what it can do to veterans of PTSD by providing free support to a proven program of Neurofeedback the effect of the effects of PTSD traumatized. The brain is like a muscle, explains Susan Othmer, BCIAC and clinical director of the EEG Institute. Success oriented Neurofeedback is a painless and medications way that the brain can be given, indicating a very specific tune-up. During the treatment, which we able to to help patients again a normal a normal, which not impeded not hindered, by the traumatic events they have experienced. .11 percent of boy more foodPregnant female, the young men greater than more than the execution girl has found the research. is into the embryo which mother the mother and vice versa.

The research is in the British Medical Journal of releases.