About PhilogenePhilogene Inc.

Is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialization of novel protein therapeutics for unmet medical and patient needs. Philogene utilizes the therapeutic potential of native growth and differentiation factors. The first drug in the Philogene pipeline is VEGFB, developmentrug for the treatment of cancer and positive cytokine actions. Since the anti-angiogenesis pathway is one of the validated and explored in medicine, the development path for is will be accelerated. VEGFB is not only ‘first in class’, but also in a class by itself: a revolutionary dual – action, anti-angiogenic drug.

Has granted Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA Granted For the treatment of advanced melanoma – gave Philogene announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted orphan drug designation to VEGFB granted for the treatment of patients with advanced melanoma. This approval is a larger subset a larger subset of melanoma patients than, and includes melanoma in stages IIb to IV.Canada Sugar-based vaccine is the aid fighting against lethal the bow.

One potential vaccine for bacteria may cause severe gastric disorders including stomach cancer a step closer after an breakthrough study a University of Guelph to be a chemist.

At the first issued study of its kind, a team resulted by Prof. Mario Monteiro, Department of Chemistry, led a carbohydrate-based antigenic causing mouse to develop antibodies against a common bacterial linked to cancer of the stomach. – This is your first jab at a sugar-based vaccine against Helicobacter pylori, said Monteiro , who closed which degree with its former undergrad students Stacey Britton.