For the German health care system this implies additional costs of 500 million Euros yearly.

Laube provides. To make matters worse, ‘the crystalline biofilm of bacterias makes many kinds of medication less effective; even though antibiotics are used the infection is often difficult to combat after that.’ In addition to urinary catheters additionally, there are what are referred to as ureter splints , which are inserted from the bladder ideal up to the kidney. For instance, in ureteroliths or instances of cancer they make sure that the urine could be discharged without obstruction from the kidney to the bladder,’ Dr. Laube explains. The stents occasionally stay in the body for weeks or actually months.‘The addition of Ascension Ventures to your highly experienced investor bottom validates the significant opportunity to advance patient treatment with truFreeze spray cryotherapy,’ said Bill Floyd, President and CEO of CSA Medical. ‘This funding will support the development of fresh applications and enable us to meet up the growing scientific demand for our truFreeze system by instantly doubling our sales force and introducing new products in 2014.’ The truFreeze System is currently being used by physicians to ablate a variety of unwanted tissue in the body such as in the esophagus and airway.