Pole bodies are by-products of normal cell division of a womans egg egg on its way to maturation here.

Pole bodies are by-products of normal cell division of a woman’s egg egg on its way to maturation. For people with monogenic diseases that are caused by genetic defects, polar body analysis can give an indication of whether the healthy version of the gene occurs in the egg before fertilization here . Monogenic disorders such as cystic fibrosis by a variation by a variation of a gene, this distinguishes it from polygenic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, for example, are caused by a combination of errors in a plurality of genes.

In Germany PBA is an alternative to preimplantation genetic diagnosis , which can result to dependence on the result of the termination of pregnancy with all the associated mental and physical stress. The disadvantages of the PBA are: hereditary diseases transmitted can not be diagnosed by the father, and in the case of autosomal recessive diseases eggs that would have resulted in the birth of healthy heterozygous carriers are discarded. In Germany, PBA for monogenic diseases is currently performed at only two centers, Beck and Regensburg.

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