The findings in the early online version of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B airway muscles.

Scientists believe Possible Biomedical Applications For ‘Warrior Worms ‘ discovered in snails – members of a parasitic fluke species that have the California horn snail penetrates scientists at UC Santa Barbara discovered a caste of genetically identical ‘warrior worms ‘. – The findings in the early online version of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B airway muscles . Says: ‘We have flatworms in colonies with vicious, killer , the defense of the colony changed discovered,’said Armand M. Professor in the Zoology, Department of of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology. ‘These flukes have a strongly developed social organization, much like some insects, mammals and birds. ‘The tiny warrior worms are only a few millimeters in length, but they are powerful thanks to relatively large mouths.

These worms form colonies in snails. Reproductive worms and soldier worms together grow and grow and defend their colony in the screw. These two types of people look and behave differently, explained first author Ryan F. Hechinger, assistant research biologist with UCSB’s Marine Science Institute. The warrior worms attack other invasive parasites trying to conquer the worm. Kuris calls the worms parasitic ‘Body Snatchers ‘because they castrate the snail, so it is not able to reproduce themselves. The worm, which only a few inches long and a half , houses thousands of worms. A mature colony of this type of worm weighs 25 % of the weight of the host snail.

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