Typically whenever a person is diagnosed with an STD such as for example chlamydia or gonorrhea.

‘Typically whenever a person is diagnosed with an STD such as for example chlamydia or gonorrhea, clinicians inform them to go to their partner, talk about the diagnosis and inform their partner to come in for treatment. However, we know that approach outcomes in treatment in under half of those situations,’ says Kissinger. ‘Our study implies that when an infected person – in this instance, the guys – takes antibiotics to their partners, their partners are almost 3 x more likely to take the treatment than if they had to come into the clinic themselves.’ Related StoriesResearchers uncover how Gram-negative bacteria can result in disease fighting capability reactionNew Johns Hopkins study discovers occurrence of gonorrhea or chlamydia can be significant in womenCDC publishes reviews on infectious and noninfectious diseasesKissinger and colleagues recruited 977 New Orleans men diagnosed between 2001 and 2004 with urethritis caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea.Green Building Council. Gold, BioMed Realty's Chairman and CEO, commented, ‘We have become proud to welcome Baxter to Kendall Square and our 650 East Kendall building. Baxter is definitely a global healthcare innovator with an amazing history of scientific accomplishment, commercialization and corporate responsibility. By forging this long-term reference to Baxter in Cambridge, the chance is acquired by us to aid their technological knowledge and scientific innovation for several years to come, and we anticipate providing the very best environment for his or her business and employees to keep their great work.’ ‘We are honored that Baxter offers selected 650 East Kendall Road to become its flagship area in Cambridge,’ remarked William Kane, BioMed Realty's Vice President of Leasing & Advancement.