After analysis by the federal agency in 2008.

After analysis by the federal agency in 2008, the Top the the most costly conditions in terms of health care expenditure for women: – heart disease – cancer – Mental diseases – trauma disorders – osteoarthritis – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma – hypertension – diabetes – Back problems – hyperlipidemia The Agency has also determined, that in 2008, for women among the 10 most expensive conditions: – the second most expensive disease to treat cancer was , followed by mental disorders and trauma Disorders . – The lowest spending of the top 10 most expensive conditions were for hyperlipidemia ($ 18, – The most common was high blood pressure (29, – The least common was cancer (8..

That in 2008, costliest state for womenThe cost of treating women for heart disease in 2008 was $ 43.6 billion, which and a list of top 10 most expensive conditions for women, research on the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare quality.Be the first time Episcopal Conference endorses Condom Use prevent under couples HIV, See professional say The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines recently approved use of condoms for married couples as a method to the transmission of HIV, Edwin Corros, Managing preventing of CBCP the Episcopal Commission of pastoral work to the migrants and Travelers, said recently Philippine Star Philippine Star / ABS CBN News. But added but added in that of condom use should be to be the last resort. .

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