Are children being zombified?

Are children being zombified? A conscious parent may be described as one who want to raise a kid who is fully alive to their choices to live free, intelligent, healthy lives, in tune with themselves and connected to nature. Compare that conscious parental aspiration to these verified factual statements about behavior in youth in relation to using and looking at media: Heavy media use causes worsening grades and less contentmentViewing violence can result in antisocial behaviorWatching particular rap videos could cause higher incidence of drinking and medicines Watching certain movies leads kids to drink earlierThis effective infographic, ‘The Repercussions of Growing Up on Screens,’ from Curing the global world, Healing Ourselves tells even more in a colorful method. Vigilance against the zombie-war on childrenChildren of any age may succumb to the potent forces of ‘zombification .’ Zombifying elements on the loose consist of glorification of addiction, vaccines, propaganda-packed education, pesticides, overmedication, and of course, the mind-hooking programming of the press, which kids and youth watch and use for 7 to 10 hours each day! Just recently, for instance, professional basketball announcers in the united states promoted how ‘cool’ it is to be a ‘zombie.’ Nationwide, broadcasters explained the Boston Celtics, who had simply won an elimination game, as ‘zombies’ who the New York Knicks ‘just couldn’t bury.’ The seeds were planted for how ‘cool’ it really is to maintain circumstances of the living-lifeless, in a semi-waking sleep.

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