In order to deliver the genes into the cells avis-sur-kamagra.html.

In order to deliver the genes into the cells, the researchers need an effective delivery vehicle, viruses have evolved over millions of years to invade human cells and insert DNA into their prey. Researchers have taken advantage of their useful properties, while removing the harmful avis-sur-kamagra.html . If it is damaged viral vector was able to so far. On genes only in the damaged areas in turn, because they infect cells nearby healthy tissue and.

The security objections Considering with short wavelength, researchers that the new that the new long-wave system of magnitude more likely to cause gene therapy to turn than as provided for by mutation death . Together with previous studies, the current research found rAAV to be highly efficient on power gene in chondrocytes. Pretreatment with 6000 Joules per square meter, a standard dose of UV light led to a tenfold increase in the effect of gene therapy to increase in the target cells after one week. Furthermore expressed nearly half of the cells. The light of the used, therapeutic gene.

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