With balloon angioplasty or stent the flow of blood the blood flow to the heart.

Currently waiting hospital emergency teams for a patient to enter and confirm their condition on an ECG machine before starting treatment to heart muscle damage, with balloon angioplasty or stent the flow of blood the blood flow to the heart. Research and clinical experience have shown that the faster STEMI patients get appropriate treatment – also known as door-to-balloon or door-to – intervention time – are are a strong recovery. Hospital doctors be able to real-time diagnostic – quality ECG data is streamed to them on a variety of devices, including a PC, BlackBerry or Smartphone – ..

.. Statements of doctors and hospital in partnership chiefs:Statement of William Jaquis, head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Sinai Hospital. Obtaining the proper medical care in the minutes following a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. Because every second counts, Sinai Hospital to help to help part of this groundbreaking commitment to the community, the latest technology provide for forwarding be important information from Baltimore City paramedic field emergency room professionals in our hospital and the other hospitals partnering with us. Statement by Joseph Twanmoh, Chairman, Emergency Medicine, Saint Agnes Hospital This initiative to improve cardiac care for patients in Baltimore is if you count a heart attack every minute of The ability of paramedics ECG is transmitted from the field to the hospital us in the emergency department provide valuable additional time to prepare for the patient and activate the cardiac catheterization lab and team.On BDC College of Engineering:The University of Texas College of Engineering one of the top ten of the Ingenieurschulen the United States. The selected with the nation third highest %age of the faculty members of National Academy of Engineering win the Akademie 6,500 students exposed to the nation very fine engineering practical.