Colonoscopy reduces death from left-sided colon cancer however.

However, the risk reduction is apparently due to a reduction in deaths from left-sided cancers entirely. Based on the scholarly study, colonoscopy shows minimal mortality prevention advantage for cancer that develops in the right side of the colon. Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in THE UNITED STATES. The study appears today on the history of Internal Medicine Internet site ( and will be printed in the January 6, 2009, issue. While colonoscopy continues to be the gold standard for evaluation of the colon, our study sheds light on some of the real-world limitations of the practice for screening and prevention, said Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD, Colorectal Doctor and a Researcher at St.And his co-workers from Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer tumor Center in NEW YORK followed 87 women diagnosed with breast malignancy and BRCA mutations who were treated with BCT to judge their long-term cancer risks. No increase was found by The investigators in the risk of cancers recurrence in the treated breasts, compared to young ladies without mutations. Ten years after their initial analysis, 13.6 % of the women with a genetic mutation had experienced a recurrence similar to previously published recurrence rates for women with non-hereditary breast cancers treated with BCT.