Said David Murray.

‘the distribution the distribution of needles, we know sexually transmitted infections an activation of the continued drug use, ‘Murray said, adding:’And we fear, the evidence is strong that it is not in their efforts to succeed of disease contagion ‘of disease has also said deal Murray needle – exchange programs. Is not the the central issues of HIV / AIDS issues with with high risk behavior with drugs, such as sexually transmitted infections, and multiple sexual partners. Murray, that the funding of treatment programs a better alternative to curb injection drug use is.. However, said David Murray, chief scientist for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, recent research shows that the programs do not reduce drug use.

State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon said lawmakers hoped to use the pilot program to consider passing a statewide program during the 2009 legislative session. However, District Attorney Susan Reed said in August 2007, all in possession of drug paraphernalia would be breaking the law. State Attorney General Greg Abbott backed earlier this year Reed tell people that drug paraphernalia could be tracked possess, because the law is not specifically excluded them (White, AP / Google. Abbott meant think that Bexar County officials did not forward with the planned needle – exchange program, which would be the first in Texas (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report, Bill Day – who co-founded the Bexar Harm Reduction Coalition and was calculated with the possession of needles, while the distribution of drug addicts in San Antonio – said: I am really angry every day we do not have here is someone getting HIV .Those MAb can be a unique cancer marker a tumor-specific antigens the surface of tumor that appear only on the surface of cancer cells but not produced in healthy cells present. Currently, the company is developing MAbs can try for presence of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer Crab into the blood and urine. Addition Mabcure Mabs Mabs against colon cancer and melanoma MAb for cancer and plans to in the coming year to generate.. MabCure who the MAbs with a high specificity been developed to to see cancer an early stage when the cure rate of more than 90 per cent are.