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Forward-Looking StatementsThis press release contains certain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results expressed materially from historical results or from any future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements fail. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding the efficacy, safety and intended utilization of blinatumomab, the mode of action of BiTE antibodies, and the conduct, timing and results of future clinical trials blinatumomab. Are encouraged to are encouraged to statements containing the words ongoing, believes, potential, expects, plans, expects, intends, or the negative consider are those words or other similar words contain, as uncertain and forward-looking. Among the factors that could cause actual results expressed from any future results expressed or implied by any forward-looking statements can include the risk that the product in early research in early research, clinical trials,dies and clinical trials, no safety and / or efficacy in subsequent clinical trials, the risk that encouraging results from early research, preclinical studies or clinical trials may in the further analysis in the further analysis of the detailed results of such research, preclinical studies or clinical trials confirmed risk, be that additional information relation to the safety relation to the safety, efficacy or tolerability of our product candidates for further analysis of preclinical or clinical data, the risk that we or our staff from any approval for our product candidates, the risks associated with dependence external sources of funding the capital requirements capital requirements associated with risks are discovered associated with the transfer and establishment of a manufacturing process for the production of and blinatumomab, and the risk of adverse outcomes of legal proceedings.U.S. Household with special needs, Health Insurance, Bold Caregivers, dedicated HRSA Study:child with a special health needs are than average access to health insurance and nearly all has regular resources of health when sick , a is new survey figures Health Resources and Services Group Administration indicating. – 95 per cent either did not assistance for families or receive all the families Need help she hand and.

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