This article comes from the World Health OrganizationPropertiestes sounds.

This article comes from the World Health OrganizationPropertiestes sounds, syllables and flow of speech on International Stuttering Day, Canada – King George VI recognized the importance of speech therapy for the treatment of stuttering nearly 100 years ago, and it is as important today. The Canadian Association of Speech Therapists and Audiologists celebrates the important work of speech therapists to help people who stutter on International Stuttering Day 22nd Helping October..

Marilyn Langevin. ‘Together, they can determine whether the child is at risk for stuttering or stuttering , and if the monitoring or a complete evaluation is necessary. ‘.. Speech pathologists play an important role in the prevention, assessment and treatment of stuttering and other communication disorders. Represented by the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists , S – LPs working in communities across Canada at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, schools and in private practice. Can determine whether ‘If parents are concerned their children fluent they should have a S-LP contact as soon as possible, to get advice,’said CASLPA member and speech therapist Dr.‘In contrast, the summary been risk estimate for Currently smoker in Figure 7 previous studies 2.

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