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According to Dana Mills, University said of student health services at Marquette University in Milwaukee and chairman of the student health insurance task force of the American College Health Association, as health costs rise, some colleges seek to preserve the quality of campus health centers by collecting payments for services and not to increase tuition fees. While some universities are fee-for-service programs and co-payments for care have introduced others have. With companies like Highland-to-bill insurance for contracted services Richard Keeling, a former president of ACHA, said insurance settlement is a ‘good and very reasonable ‘step for college health centers, but added that universities must have a way to get services services and clinical expenses, such as wellness cover counseling programs reviews . , another former, another former president of ACHA and director of student health services at Montana State University, said: ‘In my opinion, J.’Direct billing ‘is not the most desirable method for providing accessible, convenient health care to students, ‘adding, ‘My feeling is that universities go there of of necessity, not because they ‘want (Poppy, New York Times.

Blankenship and his colleagues from both institutions published a paper on their work in the 4th February online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The the National Science Foundation the National Science Foundation and also involved staff from Australia and Japan. Seven meter highn University students and one PhD student involved in the project, as well as other research staff.

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