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If we consider the medical groups and provider organizations which have currently accepted accountability and offer the benefits that are anticipated of accountable care businesses, we believe the building blocks exists on which to help expand develop a patient-focused program that significantly improves quality, provides accountability, and contains price, Nancy Taylor, CAPP Executive Director, said. This is not just the continuing future of health care in America. .. CAPP introduces new initiative on accountable care for public The Council of Accountable Physician Methods , an affiliate of the American Medical Group Association, announced a fresh initiative to provide the general public today, mass media, and policymakers with resources and information about the value of care coordination and accountable care to national healthcare reform.Hospitals in Ontario used money which should have been spent on front-line health-care providers and instead awarded profitable agreements to consultants who spent freely on travel and entertainment, the province’s auditor says, THE WORLD and Mail reports. The government unveiled new rules on Wednesday that would prevent the public sector from using taxpayers’ money to employ lobbyists. In addition to their usage of consultants, [Auditor-General Jim] McCarter said eight of the 16 hospitals he audited spent $1.6-million on lobbyists. Hospitals, universities, colleges, school boards and children’s help societies are among the public-sector entities that could also have to comply with stricter rules on expenditures and procuring products and services.