Are not actual GSK employees or executives who personally accountable for their crimes.

GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to criminal fraud charges pay massive $ 3 billion in fines UK-based pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline , a company ‘person'(in the eyes of of the federal government guilty the to criminal charges in whatever mainstream media is calling the largest healthcare fraud case in history. Though the company with more than $ 3 billion to fork out in collective punishment for their illegal activities, are not actual GSK employees or executives who personally accountable for their crimes.

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In 2009, Insight starts StopHealthCareFraud.comHealthcare Insigh , a Verisk Health company and a leader in both clinically validated scam, abuse and overcharged prevention solutions to private and public cost objects announced today that the company has launched help consumer in identifying and report on public health scam.