CMS chief testifies at Methods Committee.

CMS chief testifies at Methods Committee, stays cool despite grilling Throughout a tense hearing, Berwick defended medical law and informed panel members that it’s working form . Politico: CMS Chief Gets Grilling At Ways And Means The tense, heated hearing was the first opportunity for the House to query Berwick since July, when he was recess-appointed to his post as mind of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Solutions . Reuters: U.S. Medicare Chief Says Health Law Functioning President Barack Obama’s chief of health programs for the elderly and poor on Thursday said the year-outdated U.S. Healthcare overhaul was reducing Medicare costs and known as a press by congressional Republicans to repeal regulations unfortunate.

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Medicare spent about $10 billion on hospice care – – which it provides to beneficiaries at no cost – – in 2007, weighed against about $3 billion in 2000. However, advocates say hospice solutions are underutilized. Malene Davis, cEO and president of Capital Hospice, stated widespread misconceptions, such as that hospice care is for cancer patients, discourage many from looking for hospice treatment, the Post reports. Remarks Davis said the new rule will lower variations in how treatment is delivered and finally help customers choose hospice providers offering the best services. Naomi Naierman, cEO and president of the American Hospice Basis, said that until more uniform data are made public, there is no way of choosing at this time or differentiating among hospices, and frequently once you decide to get into hospice, there’s really no recourse; it’s a fairly ultimate decision.