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The results of the VA study support current recommendations for follow-up colonoscopy in patients with large polyps and other advanced neoplasia. Depending on the size, type and number of polyps may need screening conducted every three years – compared to every year for patients with colorectal cancer and every five to ten years for those who have no abnormalities. In contrast, patients with only one or two small polyps almost same as those no polyps are treated. May, at theresults of the family study may, at the decision of when help patients with a family history of polyps larger screen. The researchers stress the need for further studies to determine the best approach to screening in relatives of patients with colorectal neoplasia, including possible alternatives to colonoscopy.

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On AST – The American Society of Transplantation is an international organization of transplant professionals who, to the promotion the area of transplants by encouraging by research, education over 2,700 organ for the Improvement of patient care. The Company comprises more than 2,700 transplant physicians, surgeons and allied health professionals.