Including hypertension.

– With the extremely positive data from our first study we have help on the right track towards our goal of regulation and adrenergic excess, medical conditions that improve result of this physiological imbalance, said Khayrallah.. Addrenex currently developing a cadre of drugs to treatment these and other conditions of adrenergic excess, including hypertension, menopausal flushing, pain and sleep concentrates. By mining a library of 400 adrenergic compounds from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Addrenex scientists have a new drug compound connection with the code name ADX415 to hypertension and other diseases identified.

If Clonicel is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the new drug of Sciele Pharma will be marketed under an agreement signed with Addrenex in July 2007. Of disorders, in the ADHD market Clonicel would a gap that currently fill in the treatment of ADHD, Khayrallah said. While stimulants play an important role in the treatment of ADHD, it is not at all the symptoms associated with the disease and may lead to unacceptable side effects in some patients.Of the 51 positive sample checked through the Bureau of Clinical Laboratories last week 50 than 2009 H1N1 influenza was confirmed. Three to four % the hospital admissions in Alabama were on influenza, and most shots were similar for patients in which 25 – to 49-year field.

At this time, just a H1N1 immunization of adequate protection for persons over the 9 years are needed. The unit will to work with schools, voluntary Hospital on H1N1 vaccinations. In writing permission is required.