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Once activated, rhoA and caspase-2 enter the dendritic spines and donate to their demise, by interacting with a third molecule possibly, the enzyme ROCK-II. This raises the possibility that if you can inhibit one or all of these molecules, specifically early in the course of Alzheimer's, you may be in a position to protect neurons and decelerate the cognitive ramifications of the disease, said Dr. Lefort.. Caspase-2 protein plays a part in cognitive decline connected with Alzheimer’s disease Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have demonstrated a proteins called caspase-2 is a key regulator of a signaling pathway that leads to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.This was the very first time that a number of people and organisations with a dynamic interest in helping adults with ASD into and in work joined jointly for a time of debate and presentations. Not merely were we in a position to share the outcome and aims of our use one another, but we could actually spend a great deal of time discussing the main element issues that adults with ASD encounter every day, how we might reduce these problems and what our priorities should be for the future.’ ‘Our interest of this type came about following a chance conversation over coffee whenever we realised that people could combine my curiosity in understanding the encounters of adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASD, with Jo’s curiosity in health insurance and employment.