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‘Among the primary objectives of this randomized research is to demonstrate that heat can affect and kill early-stage breasts cancer cells prior to surgery,’ said William C. Dooley, director of medical oncology at the University of Oklahoma Breast Institute and principal investigator of the ongoing research. ‘With this focused heat treatment, it may be possible for the surgeon to supply better margins for the individual and possibly avoid additional treatment methods and avoid recurrence of the cancer.since October 2002 ‘, 90 women with early-stage breast tumor have enrolled in the study, where microwave energy focused externally on the breasts is sent to tumors prior to lumpectomy. The target is to use concentrated heat to destroy tumor cells and reduce extra surgery , while healthy breasts tissue contains significantly less.* Loss of consciousness: A person suffering from cardiac arrest can possess loss of consciousness in the past he could look for medical attention. This is a potentially dangerous situation if he’s by himself. Causes Cardiac arrest is due to electrical problems which in turn causes the heart to beat faster than the normal rate. Here are the most important causes for cardiac arrest: * Coronary cardiovascular disease: Coronary heart disease causes a condition referred to as arrhythmia, a nagging problem with the rate or rhythm of the pulse.