Since October raising to 14 the number of human infections reports.

China On ‘High Alert’ Over Bird Flu China’s agriculture minister is caution of a possible massive bird flu outbreak as the country announced two new individual cases of the H5N1 flu strain, since October raising to 14 the number of human infections reports. In view of the existing situation, the possibility of an enormous bird flu outbreak cannot be ruled out,saturday Agriculture Ministry Du Qinglin said, based on the official Xinhua Information Agency. He called for agriculture authorities to end up being on high alert and to step up disease monitoring and vaccination initiatives . Outbreaks in poultry occurred last year in 32 areas throughout China, killing 163,100 chickens, ducks and other fowl, and authorities destroyed 22.6 million more birds to keep the virus from spreading, Du said in a briefing for Chinese legislators.

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China should own up to past HIV/AIDS mistakes Although China in recent years ‘has made bold strides in its response to HIV/AIDS,’ the number of brand-new HIV/AIDS cases will continue to increase unless the country ‘owns up to past mistakes, supports and encourages civil society involvement, and proactively deals with the serious challenges of misinformation and stigma,’ Elizabeth Williams, acting director for Asian cultural issue programs at the Asia Society, writes within an ABC News opinion piece. China’s leadership after ‘years of denial’ now ‘serves as a model for the region,’ Williams writes, adding that Premier Wen Jaibo, President Hu Jintao and Vice Premier Wu Yi all speak and visibly in the AIDS emergency ‘publicly.’ Furthermore, new ‘public service campaigns are attempting to increase recognition,’ civil society organizations and the personal sector are producing ‘[i]nnovative efforts,’ and ‘new assets from public and personal donors are helping model applications for prevention, care and treatment,’ according to Williams.